Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Types of Car Insurance, Where You Should Use?

Types of Car Insurance
How to file an insurance claim for  car or motorcycle,  Most people who have put aside the importance of car insurance because they usually do not want to elaborate on dealing with the police or the insurance.  However, filing insurance claims car or motorcycle vehicle owner's right is if the loss occurs, disaster or accident.

Some of the causes already exist in the regulations listed in the details that can be submitted to the insurance company. For those of you who have new cars, cars insure is a mandatory because new cars are very prone to theft and is easily scratched. So, don't take the risk!

3 Types of Car Insurance

Comprehensive, thorough type of insurance that bear the damages total damage that occurs on the vehicle. When done adding premium then this type of insurance can bear all the risks caused by natural disaster, riot, etc.

Total Loss Only (TLO), these types of insurance bear the loss of the vehicle caused by theft and not other things like misuse or embezzlement of the car. Total Loss Only this can compensate for the loss of up to 75% of the price of the car while still not experienced an accident/damage.

Combination, for those of you who want a complete insurance should choose this last type of insurance because of the combination of Comprehensive and Total Loss Only. However this type of combination is typically used only for liability in the first year. If entering the second year and so on again using this type of insurance Total Loss Only or Comprehensive.

If the types of automobile insurance above you understand the difference, then you live step to determine your options or if in your heart there is still doubt to choose or buy insurance? Then you need to read what I have written previously that several factors before buying insurance