Friday, July 17, 2015

How to buy travel insurance, compare and the benefits

Travel Insurance
How to buy travel insurance - Buy this product is not difficult. Because almost all insurance companies have travel insurance products. If you want a practical, then you can purchase travel insurance in travel agencies and airports. May already be familiar if you see anyone that offers insurance in airports around you

To purchase travel insurance, the following data that needs to be noted:

  • Full Name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • The beneficiary's Data (name, relation with the insured, and identification numbers)

The benefits of travel insurance
Travel insurance, in fact it makes no difference with other types of insurance (e.g.: car insurance). It's just that this insurance is intended for travelers from the risk of loss due to delay, the plane fell ill, accident, so victims of crime, etc.

All the protection that depends on the contents of the document. In General, there are some benefits that are offered in the travel insurance.

  • The benefits of travel in which the risk of the occurrence of the delay of the trip, baggage loss or damage, lost wallet, and all the things that are associated with the trip.
  • The benefits of treatment if during the trip fell ill so should stay or outpatient at the hospital
  • Personal accident insurance on which the tariffs when disabilities due to accidents or resulting in death that occurs during the trip. There is also an ambulance fees as well as the repatriation of dependents deceased.
  • Special benefits, for example, protection against fires home for left in the trip, a 24-hour telephone service, natural disasters, and others.

The best way of finding the right travel insurance products

Choose the appropriate requirements
Specify the products relevant to their needs. For example if you already have health insurance then do not need treatment clause. Sufficient risk of loss of goods or benefits during the trip such as aircraft delay, overbooked, and the like

Travel Time
Travel insurance only protects in the date range specified in the insurance policy. So make sure the same itinerary that listed in the policy.

Or if it’s in a year having the agenda many times to travel, then could choose the travel insurance with an annual guarantee.

Compare one product with another
Take time to compare one product with another. Learn with meticulous detailing and each new product and then decide. There is no harm in asking for input from the travel agency that is more savvy and experience.

Travel Destinations
Where the purpose of the trip, whether within the country or abroad. If traveling abroad, usually an insurance company will give you the option to travel worldwide. The price of the policy also depends on the length of the trip.