Friday, July 17, 2015

How to take care of the vehicle loses insurance claim documents

How to take care of the vehicle loses insurance claim documents

Blessed are those who insure their cars when it became a victim of car theft or motor. No need to experience anxiety due to calculate losses caused by vehicles carried blurred thief. Simply prepare the documents required as part of the claim to the insurance company.

With this type of insurance policy TLO or All Risk, then the car or motorcycle is missing it will be reimbursed the insurance. However, the rules of the game remain in filing a claim. Thus, how?
How to take care of the insurance claims loss of vehicle

Would have been to do the first time is making the news event lost a car, or motorcycle to police within the next 24 hours. From the report, the police will issue a letter of lost and immediately block the vehicle documents. The letter was issued after officers completed a progress report and the news of the proceedings after a minimum of checking the two witnesses.

Then the letter was immediately reported to the insurance company within the next 72 hours. New claims will be processed after 60 days of Genesis because it gives time police prosecute the theft case.

The owner must complete the required attachments to the submission of the claim. Attachments include:

  • Claim form from the insurance companies that are already filled
  • Photocopy of the vehicle insurance policy
  • Letter report on the loss of local police
  • News of the proceedings, if needed
  • Legal blank receipts executed in 3 (three)
  • Key contact vehicles (minimum 2 pieces)
  • Regional police affidavits
  • Letter blocking a police VEHICLE REGISTRATION area
  • Mail Subrogation

If all of the documents revealed the full, compulsory insurance completed its obligations. The insurance company was given 30 days to resolve such claims and should not put it off

What if my claim is denied?
The claim is denied opportunities remain open. But don't directly discourage. Watch carefully, whatever be the reason of rejection of it. Make sure the first refusal is not due to the following.

  1. Late pay premium
  2. False identity fills the vehicle as well as the name of the owner
  3. The existence of an element of fraud
  4. Loss is not guaranteed in the policy

Well, when his refusal caused four points above, immediately search trigger rejection. Keep there are opportunities claims processed back if the rejection is caused from a lack of documents. Or is there another way to ask the help of the mediation agency or legal lines if it turns out that the rejection of the claims unfounded.

Indeed, we must be active in the process of filing claims of loss due to loss of motor vehicles. Throughout all the requirements are met and in accordance with the contents of the policy, then there is no more reason for rejecting the insurance claim.