Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to Claim Missing Car Insurance

How to Claim Missing Car Insurance
How to Claim Missing Car Insurance - Like previous explanation that benefits of car insurance is to protect the vehicle from what we do not want, having a car did we have to guard against accidents and loss, but not problem if we provide an umbrella before the rain, which insured the car. In contrast to the previous way of how to claim car insurance experiencing accident, now how car insurance claims loss.

Following some appropriate way to get a response to your car insurance claim is missing.

  • Contact the insurance company no later than 3 x 24 hours after the car is gone.
  • Go up to the nearest police station. With the incidence of loss to report the loss
  • Prepare the document claims. Such as claim forms, insurance policies, letters lost from police reports, copy of driver's license and ID card.

Insurers will conduct the examination and interview you. And shall take care that your proposed claims, next you just wait for the exit compensation

So you are better prepared when it had to make an insurance claim car, the following tips.
Save the phone number of car insurance employees.
You must save the phone number of car insurance employees. So if at any time it takes you can directly contact them

Learn the correct way and claim documents.
Each car insurance company can be different ways claims and claim documents required. Therefore, you must understand about both of these things.

Store / save the necessary documents.
Save documents needed to claim in one place. So when you need, you are not desperate for that document.