Saturday, June 27, 2015

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Finding Affordable Insurance for Young Drivers
Getting your first car is an exciting time, a car brings with it freedom, responsibility and adventure. However car insurance for young drivers can generally be more expensive. Insurers can quote a higher premium for younger drivers simply because of the lack of experience a younger driver generally has and it is thought that a younger driver is more likely to have an accident and need to claim on their insurance than someone who is older and with more experience.

This is often a dilemma that lots of more youthful motorists face. The correct path to take when searching for the very best car insurance for youthful motorists would be to compare the policy rates from as numerous insurance companies as you possibly can. You will find a couple of easy ways of using this method.

Car insurance for young drivers is unfortunately almost always going to cost more than your average more experienced driver. Searching for a car insurance policy for the first time can frequently be considered a shock to many youthful motorists, because the costs could be very high. However, they're inside a catch 22 situation because they need insurance prior to being permitted they are driving. The minute rates are high because other product experience, however they can't obtain the experience unless of course they are permitted they are driving.

Finding affordable insurance for young drivers can seem almost impossible. The situation can seem so unfair to many young people and they can even be deterred from learning to drive because of it. Unfortunately the insurance companies are in the business of making money, not losing it, and they know that the chances of a young driver having an accident are far higher than someone older.

Basically the greater the chances of an accident, the higher the cost of insurance premiums will be. The chances are worked out very accurately by looking at past evidence of accidents and claims. Were you aware that about a third of all fatalities in road accidents involve drivers aged between 17 and 25?

So insurance for a young driver will inevitably cost more than for a middle aged person with an accident free track record, but that does not mean it needs to be prohibitively expensive for a young driver to take to the road. There are steps you can take to help bring down the premiums.

Several things affect the cost of the premiums, and you have a choice about many of these. You cannot change you age, so that is something which will certainly add to your costs. You can, however, choose which vehicle to drive and this can have a big impact on the cost of your car insurance.

One of the things that have the biggest impact on the cost of insurance is the insurance group to which your car belongs. Look at these groups before you select your car and choose a vehicle from a low insurance group.

The value of your car also bears a direct relation to what your insurance will cost, as does the age and engine size. Do not go for large expensive cars if you are a young driver. Buy second hand, not new and go for older smaller vehicles. This clearly is not what young people want to hear when looking for something to impress their friends, but if it is a choice between that and not having a car at all, I think it is an easy decision.

The other thing that you have choice over is the type of insurance cover that you get. If you go for third party only, you can make big savings compared to fully comprehensive. If you have chosen a car that is not of a high value anyway, then this should be less of a tough decision for you. The other thing you can do when deciding on the insurance you want is to opt for an excess on any claims. This is where you cover the first part of any claim yourself. This can bring down your premiums considerably.